Virtual Framing

No need to leave your home or office!

Framing can dramatically change the way a picture looks on the wall. We have developed Virtual Framing (VF) to help you visualise alternatives.

Click here to see an example.

If you can, it is best to bring your picture to our shop for us to make a digital image for use in showing you VF.

If you can’t get in, just email an image and we can send back some ideas. Of course the more information you can send with the image the better we will be able to meet your expectations(that’s why being in the shop with the actual picture can lead more quickly to a design you like).

Colours in Virtual Framing are only as good as the screen adjustment on which you are viewing ideas. If you are wanting subtle colour shades and differences it is best to use the real thing (much the same as matching wall paints).

Virtual Framing is an excellent tool to gain overall impressions of framing decisions, things like:

  •  choice of dark or light frame
  •  wide or narrow frame
  •  wood or metallic finish
  •  strong contrast or muted colours
  •  wide or narrow mat borders
  •  overall shape

Once you have the broad decisions you may be happy to go ahead with framing or you may want to check final choices using actual frame samples and colour swatches.

email an image for a Virtual Framing quote.

Virtual Framing Example

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